On Demand Webinar

Post Conviction DNA Testing

Duration: 45 minutes

BODE On-demand Webianr - Post Conviction DNA


How to work with stakeholders when evaluating cases suitable for post-conviction DNA testing. Explore various technologies and topics including advanced sampling techniques, Bode X-traction, resolving complex mixtures and Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy. Additionally, throughout this webinar, we will examine several case examples and demonstrate how Bode has and can provide clients with critical forensic information for post-conviction cases.

Cate Roller - Senior DNA Analyst

Cate Roller is a Senior DNA Analyst with Bode Technology. During her 12+ years are Bode, she has worked as a Technologist, Quality Control Analyst, Custom Casework Supervisor and Technical Leader of Bode’s Rapid DNA Project at the US southern border. Cate has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Villanova University and a Master of Science, Forensic Science from George Mason University.

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