Bode Technology offers a customized approach to forensic laboratory validations, ensuring accuracy, reproducibility, precision and compliance with all accreditation standards.

Ensuring performance to the highest standards

Bode validation experts bring the highest technical standards to your facility in a comprehensive yet customized program. Whether validating an entire laboratory, new or existing equipment, software, or automating workflows with advanced robotic solutions, our independent experts have experience in a huge variety of instrumentation, chemistry and software to provide an effective, complete and audit-ready validation. Validation services can also include customized training, standard operating procedure drafts and support after the validation is complete.

Customized validation plan development and design from an accredited laboratory

Samples for validation

Validation laboratory work

Data analysis 

Robotic script development

Software validations

Laboratory equipment performance checks

Audit-ready written validation reports


Standard Operating Procedure drafts

We have experience with:


Includes TECAN, Biomek, Hamilton (AutoLys, STAR, STARlet, NIMBUS, Presto and Vantage), Qiagen (QIAgility, QIAcube, EZ1, QIAsymphony, and Biosprint)

DNA Extraction Chemistries

Includes Thermo Fisher PrepFiler, Promega DNA IQ and Qiagen DNA Investigator (magnetic bead and columns), BioSprint 96 DNA Blood Kit, MicroGEM


Includes Quantifiler Trio, Plexor HY, PowerQuant, and ‘Stop at Quant’ screening methods


Includes GlobalFiler, GlobalFiler Express, PowerPlex Fusion, PowerPlex Fusion 6C, Investigator 24plex, MiniFiler, Yfiler, Yfiler Plus, PowerPlex Y23, InnoTyper 21, and Investigator DIPplex, Kintelligence


Includes ABI 3130 and 3500 Genetic Analyzers, ABI 7500 and QuantStudio Real-Time PCR, MPS MiSeq and Ion GeneStudio S5, Rapid DNA RapidHit ID and ANDE instruments


Includes multiple versions of HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software, Genetic Analyzer Data Collection Software, GeneMapper ID-X, GeneMarker HID, DNAview, STRmix, DBLR

Examples of recent validation projects


Sample preparation and laboratory work for the validation of STRmix™ v2.9


Validation of the QIAGEN QIAcube® and QIAgility® robotic workstations


Validation of automated quantification and amplification (STR and Y-STR) setup using the Hamilton STARlet

additional resources


On Demand Webinar

Automation and Speed: Creating a Process for 2-week Turnaround of Sexual Assault Kit Evidence


On Demand Webinar

Implementation of Rapid DNA: Prevent Tomorrow’s Victim



Validation of a High-Throughput Automated Liquid Handling DNA Extraction System to Maximize Efficiency in Forensic Casework



Improving Results from Touch DNA Evidence with Optimized Direct PCR Methods

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