Consulting Services

More efficient workflows and technically advanced equipment generate better quality DNA results. As the largest private forensic DNA laboratory, Bode Technology supports public and private laboratories around the world to build better systems to enhance capacity and capabilities.

From Design and Builds to Workflow Improvements

From robotic validations to innovative technology solutions, Bode’s scientific experts facilitate enhanced processes through assessment and training programs that build towards attainment of ISO 17025 accreditation.

Creating a new laboratory from the ground up? Bode can help with that too.

Evidence storage and handling
Ventilation and air flow
Equipment and computer system compatibility
Equipment configuration
Protocol and process workflows
Software and LIMS management

Critical reagent quality control protocols

Security and access
Staffing assessments training
Fire safety systems and alarms
Capacity analysis
Preparation assistance for ISO 17025 accreditation

Additional Resources


Research Paper

Accelerated aging of forensically relevant biological materials on swabs


Research Paper

Effect of Sterilants on Amplification and Detection of Target DNA from Bacillus cereus Spores



Improving Results from Touch DNA Evidence with Optimized Direct PCR Methods

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From new builds to new efficiencies

Improve your laboratory practices and case resolutions with Bode’s validation, forensic reasearch, support and consulting services.