Post-Conviction Solutions

Advances in DNA testing have the power to exonerate the wrongly convicted. When new evidence is uncovered or previously tested evidence is reexamined, only highly trained experts using the latest methods and equipment can return the most up-to-date results.

Exonerating the Wrongly Convicted

Bode Technology’s proven success with testing challenging and degraded samples has led to hundreds of overturned convictions. We are leaders in the latest STR, Y-STR, mini-STR, and mtDNA technologies, as well as screening techniques, serological and touch DNA analysis methods and forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG). Our work has direct impact in support of innocence projects, defense attorneys and cases that benefit from advanced DNA testing.

Customized solutions

Bode X-traction™

Forensic investigative genetic geneology (FIGG)

Grant support for innocence projects

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On Demand Webinar

Post Conviction DNA Testing, The Crime Lab’s Perspective


On Demand Webinar

Bode X-traction™ – Extracting More Usable DNA from Shell Casings & Rootless Hairs


On Demand Webinar Series

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) 


Research Paper

Effect of Sterilants on Amplification and Detection of Target DNA from Bacillus cereus Spores

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Help with post-conviction exonerations

Bode’s innovation optimizes sampling and extraction to recover more DNA, even from degraded samples.