Medical Examiners

Human remains are one of the most challenging sample types for DNA analysis. Considerations such as the type of bone to be tested and the best technology to utilize are critical in achieving a successful DNA identification. Bode Technology’s unmatched expertise in the testing of human remains will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

DNA Analysis to Support Your Active and Cold Cases

Bode has over 25 years of experience processing difficult evidence samples.

Having worked on challenging projects like the World Trade Center attack, the identification of missing persons from past conflicts and airplane crashes from around the globe and Rapid DNA analysis of human remains from active criminal investigations, our forensic experts’ sensitive testing methods facilitate results from all types of remains, even those that are highly degraded or decades old. The Bode team is dedicated to assessing, processing, and analyzing evidence from all types of cases and our extensive experience ultimately helps to bring closure to cases for our clients.

STRs (GlobalFiler™, PowerPlex® Fusion 6C, PowerPlex® Fusion, Investigator® 24plex)


Mitochondrial DNA analysis

Touch DNA (scraping, tape lifts, swabbing, cutting)

Forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG)

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On Demand Webinar

Bode X-traction™ – DNA from Shell Casings and Rootless Hairs


Research Paper

Validation of a High-Throughput Automated Liquid Handling DNA Extraction System to Maximize Efficiency in Forensic Casework


Research Paper

Evaluating Differential Nuclear DNA Yield Rates and Osteocyte Numbers Among Human Bone Tissue Types: A Synchrotron Radiation micro-CT Approach



3D Printing Supplies for a Forensic DNA Lab

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Outsource your investigative testing to Bode

Bode enables expert sampling, amplification and testing of investigative evidence to generate reliable DNA results, even from the most degraded samples.