Law Enforcement

As the power of DNA increases, law enforcement requires timely and trustworthy DNA testing that will provide investigative leads. Bode Technology’s forensic DNA capabilities assists law enforcement in solving violent crimes, gun crimes, cold cases and more.

Expedited DNA Results with Actionable Intelligence

Supporting law enforcement agencies for nearly 30 years, Bode Technology is your trusted resource for all forensic DNA testing. Processing DNA evidence to generate new investigative leads and help to bring criminals to justice, our team of forensic experts uses the most current validated testing methods and equipment to generate powerful DNA results. With specialized teams of qualified analysts dedicated to the processing of both screened and unscreened evidence, Bode helps to reduce current caseload burdens, eliminate case backlogs, identify new suspects in cold cases and assist with unidentified remains.

Bode supports law enforcement by acting as the primary evidence processing laboratory or by working in tandem with local laboratories to reduce caseload burdens and backlogs. Whether your agency is implementing rapid DNA solutions, operating a cold case center, facing rising crime rates or requiring advanced DNA methods, Bode is your one-stop shop.

Sexual assault kit testing

Forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG)

DNA from shell casings & rootless hairs

Comprehensive gun crime solutions

Rapid DNA services

BodeHITS™ local DNA database

Property crime DNA testing

Generate new suspects in cold cases

Eliminate backlogs and reduce current caseload

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Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy


On Demand Webinar Series

Property Crimes & DNA Testing


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Bode X-traction™ – DNA from Shell Casings and Rootless Hairs


On Demand Webinar Series

Use of Rapid DNA in Forensics

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