When entering forensic DNA evidence into a court of law, it is essential that the results will withstand scrutiny. Bode Technology’s decades of experience and adherence to rigorous standards will help lead to successful outcomes.

Experts in DNA Sampling, Testing and Trial Assistance


Bode offers unparalleled expertise in DNA testing and analysis. Whether testing evidence that is decades old or previously tested, Bode’s experts will devise test plans utilizing unmatched technology that will maximize the chances of success.

If time is of the essence, we offer expedited testing and court qualified experts. We are committed to generating scientifically accurate results and leveraging the strength and experience of our research and development teams and casework analysts to deliver. Our strict chain of custody, state-of-the-art equipment and technical experts meet and exceed the FBI’s challenging Quality Assurance Standards.

When your case rests on DNA evidence, trust the internationally regarded experts at Bode to support your forensic needs.

Pre-trial assistance

Expert witness testimony

ISO accredited laboratories
Highly trained skilled DNA forensic experts
Validated methods and equipment
Forensic investigative services

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Effective Long-term Preservation of Biological Evidence


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Bode X-traction™ – DNA from Shell Casings and Rootless Hairs


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Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy


On Demand Webinar Series

Use of DNA in Post-Conviction Testing

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Exceeding FBI’s Quality Assurance standards

When DNA expertise matters most, contact Bode.