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Stakeholders across the forensic laboratory and law enforcement communities are deeply dedicated to advancing the cause of justice. Bode strives to support your mission and ensure the success of your case through use of our extensive portfolio of solutions and technologically advanced products and services. 

Advanced DNA Technology Solutions

With a focus on best-in-class DNA techniques, advanced forensic analysis, and provision of scientifically accurate results, Bode Technology supports federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies, crime labs, medical examiners, and criminal defense and prosecution attorneys. Bode’s vast array of DNA services, state-of-the-art equipment and use of validated and verified methods enable us to be the largest private forensic DNA analysis laboratory in North America. 

Never losing sight of the personalized customer service and experience, as a trusted and respected resource in providing sophisticated DNA identification, our technologically advanced products and services return the most accurate DNA results and have assisted in identifying criminals in every state in the United States, as well as victims of war, terrorism, crime, and natural disasters.


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The industry leader in forensic DNA sampling and analysis

Bode’s DNA sampling and analysis support law enforcement and investigative agencies with scientifically accurate results using the latest equipment and industry leading validation methods that ensure quality and accuracy.