Sexual Assault Kit testing

DNA evidence is an incredibly powerful law enforcement tool to identify sexual assault assailants and prevent future crimes. However, sexual assault kit backlogs continue to hinder identifications and investigations.

An Optimized Approach to Clearing Sexual Assault Kit Backlogs

A sexual assault occurs on average every 68 seconds in the US. For over 25 years, Bode Technology’s unmatched DNA testing experience has helped law enforcement to clear sexual assault kit backlogs at the city-wide, county-wide, and state-wide levels. Our high-throughput capacity enables processing and reporting over 2,000 sexual assault kits each month, helping to generate new investigative leads and reduce investigative burdens of caseload management.

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory meets FBI Quality Assurance Standards for forensic DNA testing laboratories and DNA databasing laboratories.

Confirm the presence of a known suspect
Identify a previously unknown assailant

Identify serial offenders

Exonerate the wrongly convicted
Rush services available

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Sexual Assault Kit Tracking


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Automation and Speed: Process for a 2-week Turnaround of Sexual Assault Kit Evidence


Research Paper

Variation in assessments of suitability and number of contributors for DNA mixtures

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Bringing resolution to victims and their families.

Bode’s unmatched expertise in DNA testing offers high-throughput capacity that returns validated results and generates investigative leads