Rapid DNA Services


Rapid DNA is game-changing technology, putting the power of DNA directly into the hands of investigators. Bode Technology offers a full complement of services to support law enforcement and ensures that the results are reliable and actionable.

Apply rapid dna results to your investigations

Rapid DNA instruments provide DNA results in approximately 90 minutes. But what happens if the sample fails? What if you want to compare it to a similar case from last week? And what if those results are introduced into court? 

Bode’s Rapid DNA Services offer a variety of solutions to support the investigation beyond obtaining data, from validating the instruments and training the users to providing ongoing, real-time reachback support. 

Finally, Bode’s BodeHITS™ local databasing solution is the perfect complement to Rapid DNA. Use our accredited laboratory and trained DNA analysts for evidence with complex DNA mixtures and compare them to your rapid DNA profiles.  

Quality & Secure Results Using:

Actionable intelligence

Local DNA database solutions

DNA solutions that meet published quality standards

Expedited results of investigations

Confirmation of individual identity or relationships

Identification of investigative support or leads for law enforcement

Exoneration of suspects from criminal investigations


Bode’s comprehensive Rapid DNA service enables law enforcement to use cutting edge technology to generate DNA profiles in under 90 minutes for reference samples and some evidence samples. To maximize the effectiveness of your program, BodeHITS™ works as a complementary service, allowing for support and services from Bode’s world class analysts and laboratory expertise.

RapidHIT ID™ instrument validation
Ongoing instrument quality checks and support
BodeHITS™ access
Localized database development
Rapid DNA reachback support

Bode’s expert forensic DNA analysts review flagged rapid DNA samples

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