Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Answers for unsolvable cases

Bode Technology now offers a full suite of end-to-end accredited genome sequencing options. Leveraging the superior capabilities of the AVITI™ system by Element Biosciences, we are able to obtain the highest quality DNA profiles generated by massively parallel sequencing.


A fully accredited, turnkey solution

Bode takes Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) to the next level with multiple SNP testing options accredited to the ISO 17025 standards. Our program is perfectly engineered to meet the challenges of forensic evidence, allowing our experienced team of DNA analysts and forensic genetic genealogists to tackle unsolved, complex and challenging cases.

Our newest addition, the AVITI™ system by Element Biosciences, harnesses the power of ultra-stable avidites to deliver high-quality data capable of achieving an unprecedented >90% Q30 data quality on 2 X 150 base pair runs.

Greater laboratory success equals improved quality investigative leads and faster identity resolution for unsolved and challenging cases.

All lab work performed by Bode at Bode

Accredited to ISO 17025 standards
Process complex and degraded samples completely in-house

Unparalleled performance using sequencing by avidity

Genome sequencing on multiple forensic evidence types

>600,000 SNP genotype file

Custom bioinformatics pipeline

Customized 10,230 SNP file utilizing the Forenseq™ Kintelligence kit by Verogen

Ability to query GEDmatch PRO™ and Family Tree DNA databases

Board-certified and experienced genealogists

Expedited 1:1 STR confirmation testing

Full chain of custody within accredited laboratory

Court-ready reports

Testimony-trained genealogists, DNA analysts and technicians

Ongoing monitoring for persistent cases

BODE FIGG 95%+ Success Rate

Industry leading accuracy and superior data with the Aviti System

>90% Q30 data quality

1 Billion reads per flow cell

Dual independent flow cells for higher throughput

Minimizes common amplification errors during sequencing

Negligible index hopping

Low duplication rates

Low AT/GC bias

The Bode FIGG Advantage

Our Methods

Bode’s 25+ year commitment to R&D enables us to develop proprietary techniques that recover and analyze DNA from the most challenging samples. FIGG requires more than one single solution and Bode’s DNA analysts and quality assessment teams review each case to determine how best to proceed. By choosing extraction methods most suitable for sample type, and conducting challenge tests for detection limits, our methods and protocols enable the most reliable results.

Once extraction and genome sequencing is complete, Bode’s customized bioinformatic pipeline creates uploadable files for primary genealogy databases (FTDNA and GEDmatch PRO) and our genealogists help to identify DNA matches, review results, and support law enforcement as cases go to trial, including acting as subject matter experts.


Bode is embedded with a culture of forensic science excellence. For over 20 years our laboratories and scientists have adhered to the highest possible standards, meeting stringent federal and state requirements including ISO 17025 accreditation for Forensic Science Laboratory Testing and Full compliance with the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and DNA Databasing Laboratories.


To ensure accuracy and reliability, all methods must be properly validated to industry standards prior to use on actual forensic evidence. This includes testing for reproducibility, precision, and sensitivity with known samples similar to those encountered in forensic casework. Bode experts skillfully and routinely prepare and analyze validation samples, crunch the data to determine limitations and professionally prepare validation summaries that serve as the foundation for new methods that are introduced into the laboratory. Bode has completed hundreds of validations, always adhering to the ISO 17025 standards, and has taken the same approach in the use of FIGG.


Inherent to our business is the understanding that all work is subject to thorough review by outside parties. Bode maintains all records in accordance with Federal Rules of Evidence and precedents established by Brady & Giglio.

Reliable & Secure

As an ISO 17025 and ANAB accredited laboratory, Bode’s records are meticulously maintained and our focus on quality ensures the best and most reliable possible outcomes. From chain of custody documentation for both primary and secondary evidence through final reporting, Bode ensures strict adherence to documented and audited protocols, including equipment maintenance logs, validation records, employee training records, proficiency testing, and data retention. Our robust training program is modeled on Bode’s exacting, proven forensic casework standards. All records are continuously and securely maintained and backed up for future discovery. Bode is committed to the rigorous demands of ensuring data security.


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