Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Answers for unsolvable cases

Advanced DNA testing mapped with genealogy research identifies potential links to unknown DNA profiles. Bode Technology’s Forensic Genealogy Service provides new investigative leads for previously unsolvable cases.

Actionable Leads. Better Results. More Impact.

Our experienced team consists of DNA analysts and forensic genetic genealogists. Together we are able to tackle unsolved, complex and challenging cases, bringing investigative leads to your agency for a successful identity resolution. Bode’s Forensic Genealogy Service is a turn-key solution that will assist you in navigating this exciting field from sample selection and testing plan generation to a case solution.

All evidence handling is performed under ISO 17025 and ANAB accreditation

Full chain of custody maintained

CAP/CLIA accredited microarray testing laboratory

Genome sequencing on challenging samples

Ability to process complex samples, including mixtures

Utilizes GEDmatch PRO and Family Tree DNA databases

Board-certified and experienced genealogists

Expedited 1:1 STR confirmation testing

Court-ready reporting

Ongoing monitoring for persistent cases

95%+ success rate in generating useable results after QC stages

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