Gun Crime Initiatives

Identification of suspects through DNA analysis is the most effective way of solving, prosecuting and preventing gun crimes. As gun crimes continue to increase, more resources are needed for forensic science to drive investigations.

Supporting Law Enforcement Through Advanced DNA Technologies

With gun crimes on the rise, law enforcement is challenged with implementing an effective and timely DNA solution to create investigative leads.

Bode Technology’s advanced DNA methods and forensic experts work in tandem with law enforcement agencies to identify persons of interest at the outset of an investigation. Using our proprietary Bode X-traction™ technology we are able to recover ~10x more DNA yield compared to traditional methods on spent shell casings. As the largest private DNA analysis laboratory in the US, our optimized high throughput approach effectively supports gun crime initiatives.

High throughput gun swab testing

Spent shell casing DNA analysis

Fast turn around time


Local DNA databasing solutions 

Forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG)

Comprehensive law enforcement solutions

Advanced crime scene evidence collection products 

Grant support

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BodeHITS™ Local DNA Database – Answers for Local Cases

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Bode X-traction™ Technology: DNA from Rootless Hairs and Shell Casings


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Gun Crime Initiatives – Answers for Law Enforcement

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High throughput, valid results, forensic expertise

Bode has a long history of helping law enforcement with their gun crime initiatives.