DNA from Shell Casings

With gun crimes on the rise, reliable and sensitive methods are needed to recover fragmented and degraded DNA from evidentiary items. Bode X-traction™, a state-of-the-art and proprietary DNA extraction technology, can yield ~10x more usable DNA which enables the possibility of more CODIS-eligible DNA profiles – even from the most challenging samples like spent shell casings.

Trace Evidence, Superior Results with Bode X-traction™

Bode Technology’s X-traction generates more useable DNA profiles from challenging cases where samples may be fragmented or severely degraded. This newly developed DNA technology supports on-going and cold case investigations. Bode X-traction is validated for use under the FBI QAS 2020 Standards and SWGDAM Guidelines. When your cases go to trial, you’ll have confidence in the results.

~10x more DNA recovered compared to traditional methods

Suitable for use on degraded and fragmented evidence items

Combine with advanced DNA testing methods

Generate actionable leads

Drive investigations for current and cold casework

Mock Study

Comparison of Bode   X-traction™ to traditional methods

Average % Complete Profile

ATF Sampling + Bode X-traction™ = Better profile results obtained with ~10x more DNA

Rinse and swab sampling method (ATF) spent shell casings using ATF method

Apply Bode X-traction™
Combine results with advanced DNA technologies

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Our proprietary Bode X-traction™ technology can yield ~10x more usable DNA and enables the possibility of more CODIS-eligible hits. Learn how Bode X-traction could benefit your cases.