DNA from Rootless Hairs

Until recently, rootless hairs have not been amenable for traditional DNA analysis. However, Bode Technology’s recent advances in proprietary DNA X-traction™ technology enables rootless hairs to successfully generate DNA profiles suitable for CODIS upload, supporting criminal casework with better results.

Detect Nuclear DNA from a Single Rootless Hair

As the number of cold cases continues to rise, rootless hairs are sometimes the only evidence left behind. They can provide valuable DNA, but only when sensitive and reliable analysis tools are applied. Bode X-traction™ generates clean, single-source DNA profiles and has been validated for use under the FBI QAS 2020 Standards and SWGDAM Guidelines. When your cases go to trial, you’ll have confidence in the results.

DNA from fragmented or degraded DNA samples

Clean single-source DNA profiles

Combine with advanced DNA testing methods

Generate actionable leads

Drive investigations for current and cold casework

DNA from Rootless Hairs

Bode X-traction™ can generate clean, single-source DNA profiles even from rootless hairs.

Our technology is complimented by:

Multiplex DNA Amplification and Analysis
Interpretation using STRmix™

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG)

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Technical Note

Nondestructive Biological Evidence Collection with Alternative Swabs and Adhesive Lifters

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Clean, single-source DNA profiles, even from rootless hairs.

Have confidence when DNA results are on trial. Bode X-traction™ is validated under FBI QAS 2020 and SWGDAM guidelines.