DNA Databasing

Bode Technology has continuously processed reference samples for inclusion into CODIS for more than 25 years and obtains full CODIS-eligible DNA profiles from more than 99.95% of submitted samples.

Solve Cases Faster with Bode’s High-Throughput Reference Sample Testing

Many agencies outsource their entire DNA databasing program to prevent backlogs and generate investigative leads faster. The use of outsourcing services can result in significant cost savings, freeing up public crime laboratory resources.

Thanks to our highly automated systems, integration with a built-for-purpose LIMS system and technical staff focused on optimized workflows, Bode achieves unmatched success rates without sacrificing quality.

We understand your need for technical and ownership review and customize DNA database testing based on your requirements. Whether you need fewer than 100 samples per month or greater than 10,000, Bode possesses infrastructure and skills to meet your needs.

High success rates
Fast turnaround times
Quality reproducible results
Cost effective
ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

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