Complex Mixture Resolution

Bode Technology’s use of probabilistic genotyping enables interpretation of previously unresolvable DNA mixtures. Thanks to our validated STRmix capabilities, complex cases are delivering more DNA results and investigative information.

Advanced STR Mixture Deconvolution

Bode utilizes probabilistic genotyping on complex DNA mixtures for law enforcement and federal agencies, providing faster results with greater discriminating power. Our dedicated training and validation teams have spent years optimizing our probabilistic genotyping procedures and ensuring our reporting analysts understand not only the software but also how to evaluate the results and testify in court.

Interpret DNA results faster
Deliver more investigative information

Interpret previously unresolvable mixtures

Validated STRmix implementation for:
• GlobalFiler™
• PowerPlex® Fusion 6C
• PowerPlex® Fusion
• Investigator® 24plex

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