Bode X-traction™

Has your criminal case seemingly hit a dead end because the evidence is severely degraded or compromised? Bode Technology’s DNA X-traction™ can yield ~10 times more usable DNA from spent shell casings and detect nuclear DNA from rootless hairs, offering investigative leads for current and cold cases.

Extracting More Usable DNA, Driving More Investigations

Bode’s proprietary and state of the art DNA extraction tool, Bode X-traction™, enables the generation of more usable DNA evidence in support of crime lab and the Bureau of Justice initiatives. Validated to FBI QAS 2020 Standards and SWGDAM Guidelines, Bode’s next generation technologies are at work every day shedding new light on the most challenging cases.

DNA testing from rootless hairs

DNA testing from spent shell casings

Gun crimes solutions

Post-conviction testing

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On-demand webinar

Bode X-traction™ – DNA from Shell Casings and Rootless Hairs


On-Demand Webinar Series

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG)


Technical Note

Nondestructive Biological Evidence Collection with Alternative Swabs and Adhesive Lifters


Research Paper

Inter and Intra-individual Variation in Skeletal DNA Preservation in Buried Remains

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