Increasing Capacity and Quality through Automation

Forensic DNA analysis is complicated. Sample types range from bones to bloodstains. The amount varies from just a few cells to copious amounts of fresh biological material. Bode Technology has invested years of time and resources to optimize workflows that are not only highly efficient but increase quality through reduced sample handling by technicians.

New technologies, new workflows – keeping up with demand.

Bode continues to innovate, investing in technology, instrumentation and sequencing solutions. The Hamilton Vantage is the workhorse that ensures samples are processed the right way, the same way, every time. When reference samples are processed, the BSD Ascent ensures that exactly the right amount is taken every time, resulting in the highest possible success rates. Finally, when NGS technologies are utilized, the Hamilton Vantage and the Ion Chef™ can create accurate libraries in a fraction of the time.

Automated extraction
Automated quantification and amplification
Automated reference sampling
Automated capillary electrophoresis

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