Amplification Systems

Bode Technology leads the industry in offering the most advanced DNA amplification systems to maximize success. We are fully compatible with almost all CODIS participating labs and offer additional compatibility options when needed.

Maximizing DNA Amplification Technologies = Maximizing Success

When your case needs to be CODIS eligible, look to Bode. We have validated and implemented a wide range of commercially available STR kits and Y-STR kits, and for highly degraded samples, we offer specialized STR and SNP solutions. If your case requires mitochondrial DNA, our mtDNA solutions have been available for over 25 years. Bode is the leading expert in DNA amplification technologies.

Our DNA Amplification Systems Include:

Autosomal STRs (au-STRs) – The gold standard. Bode offers amplification of the core CODIS loci utilizing the GlobalFiler™, PowerPlex® Fusion 5C System, PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System, Investigator® 24Plex, etc.

Y-STRs Targeting only markers on the Y-chromosome, Y-STR kits are often used for sexual assault cases and kinship cases where knowledge of male lineage is critical. It is also a powerful tool for familial searching of DNA databases. Bode offers Y-STR technologies including the PowerPlex Y23 System and Yfiler™ Plus.

Mini-STR – Bode is one of the few laboratories in the world offering mini-STR service. Highly degraded samples often yield partial DNA results from au-STRs. To improve on those results, the MiniFiler™ STR kit specifically targets those areas that often fail with other au-STR kits. Our Mini-STR technology can often obtain successful results when others cannot.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) – Similar to Mini-STRs, mtDNA is a fantastic option for highly degraded samples and is often used for human remains. Interpretation of mtDNA is complex and Bode’s experts have decades of experience to ensure the accuracy and reliability of mtDNA results.

Amplification technologies can be applied to most of our service offerings including:

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