Advanced Sampling Techniques

Successful DNA analysis begins with successful sampling. Whether swabbing, cutting, scraping, post-its or tape-lifts, Bode’s skilled scientists are trained in the most advanced sampling techniques to ensure your samples are processed accordingly to maximize success. 

Sampling Methods Based on Forensic Evidence

Bode Technology has over two decades of forensic experience sampling, extracting, amplifying and analyzing DNA evidence. We have optimized DNA evidence sampling, even in trace amounts, to recover the greatest number of cells and obtain the maximum amount of DNA from all forensic evidence types. Each case, regardless of evidence type or level of degradation, receives the same level of dedicated attention, forensic expertise, and next level service. We help to bring closure for victims and their families.

Samples collected from firearms

Cartridge casings (spent and unspent)

Samples collected from rootless hairs

Touch DNA analysis

Non-porous solid surfaces



Ropes and ligatures

Body Fluid Detection

Complex casework often benefits from traditional serological methods. Bode’s expertise builds on traditional serology and includes advanced methods such as Alternate Light Source (ALS) with infrared camera and visual examinations. Our technologies isolate potential body fluid stains enabling greater DNA return.

Phenolphthalein (Kastle-Meyer)
Acid Phosphatase
Microscopic Sperm Search
ABAcard® Hematrace®
OneStep ABAcard® p30

Phadebas® Forensic Saliva Test

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