Processing DNA evidence requires experts with specific skills using validated methods along with validated equipment and advanced technologies. Choosing an accredited laboratory with the specific technical competencies necessary to quickly and accurately process DNA evidence is imperative.

An Optimized Approach for DNA Testing

Bode Technology provides cutting-edge DNA testing and analysis in our ISO accredited laboratory using validated methods that meet the FBI’s Quality Assurance standards. We continually invest in our people and our technologies to ensure that Bode stays ahead of the curve. Everything we do is focused on producing the best possible result for your irreplaceable forensic evidence.


ISO 17025:2017 for forensic testing and calibration laboratories

ISO/IEC 17043 for forensic proficiency tests

ISO 18325:2016 for collection products

ISO 9001:2015 for production facility


SWGDAM validation for DNA analysis methods


Maryland licensure

New York State DoH for forensic identity

Texas-FSC as forensic laboratory

Optimizing DNA sampling, amplification and testing

Our commitment to the scientific expertise of forensic DNA technologies makes Bode an industry leader.