New Jersey Jane Doe Identified After Three Decades

FIGG Success Stories

FIGG returns DNA identification to unidentified Jane Doe remains.

The family of 16-year-old Wendy Louise Baker waited a long time to learn what happened to her. After disappearing in 1991 from her home in Coatsville, Pennsylvania, she was never heard from again. That same year, in Knowlton Township, New Jersey, hunters found the decomposed remains of a young girl in a field. However, evidence was initially not able to identify her or her killer. She was known as “Tiger Lady” because of a distinctive tiger tattoo on her leg.

In 2021, one of Tiger Lady’s bones was sent to Bode Technology from which DNA was extracted and a genetic profile uploaded to genealogical databases. That led to familial match to her uncle who, along with other family members provided additional DNA as well as photos of Wendy that matched forensic sketches.