FIGG Identifies Jane Doe Missing Since 1976

FIGG Success Stories

For over 40 years Baltimore County Police wondered about the identity of a woman found tortured, raped and murdered. Thanks to advances in DNA and FIGG, her family finally has answers.

A young Jane Doe, found just outside of Baltimore in 1976, has been identified as Margaret Fetterolf from Alexandria, Virginia. She had run away from her family’s home a year before her body was found, and her family always wondered why she had never contacted them.

Using familial DNA from genealogy sites, Bode Technology has helped to identify Fetterolf and police are one step closer to finding her killer using new advances in investigative techniques. Pollen found on her clothes has been traced two locations in New York. A grass seed bag that had been placed over her head was sold in five stores in Massachusetts and keys in her pocket were also both manufactured in Massachusetts.

Police are trying to reconstruct the last months of Fetterolf’s life and researching these pieces of evidence to understand what might have happened.