Reference Sample Collections

From collection devices, to packaging, preservation, and long-term storage, Bode Technology offers solutions for law enforcement and laboratories around the world.

Direct Collection:
Direct Success.

Bode’s solutions for Reference Sample collection increase first pass success rates, reduce failure rates, and save laboratories time and money by reducing the need for costly reprocessing. Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, our collection products are ISO 18385:2016 Forensic DNA Grade and manufactured in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Leader in DNA and reference sample collection product development

Customizable solutions

Enhanced stability during transport and storage

Reliable results

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Bode Buccal® DNA Collector

>90% first pass success rate.

Easy to use, a sample can be collected in under 20 seconds. 

Bode Buccal DNA Collection Kit

Packed in cases of 50, Bode’s collection kit contains everything needed to collect, package, and document a sample.
Don’t need a full collection kit? Bode offers the Transport Pouch and Desiccant separately to package collected samples.

Archival Trays, Multiple Cassettes

Sample storage should be compact, easily retrievable, and meet chain of custody requirements.
Bode’s Archival Trays and Cassettes are secure, efficient, and effective methods for sample storage.

Bode Vault and Bode Armor®

DNA samples should be stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

The Bode Vault, with its customizable foil pouch and desiccants, ensures samples are protected from environmental degradation.

Bode Armor offers enhanced sample stability by inactivating naturally occurring microbes and enzymes that are collected with a sample.

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