Crime Scene Evidence Collection Solutions

Results from laboratory DNA analysis assist law enforcement investigations every day. Successful laboratory analysis begins at the point of evidence collection. Offering more than “just a swab”, Bode Technology’s crime scene sample collection products increase DNA yields, enhance sample preservation, and improve overall case success rates.

Better Collections,
Better Results.

Bode’s solutions for crime scene samples ensure that evidence is collected and preserved while it awaits analysis at the laboratory. Designed by DNA experts, Bode’s unique collection systems include fast drying, easy sample processing, and enhanced sample stability through a proprietary preservative solution.

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, our collection products are ISO 18385:2016 Forensic DNA Grade and manufactured in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom

Leader in crime scene collection product development

Customizable solutions

Enhanced stability during transport and storage

Reliable results

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Bode SecurSwab™ 2

With an ergonomic design, crush resistant tube, and fast drying desiccants; Bode’s SecurSwab 2 offers crime scene personnel a superior collection product.

Manufactured with an ethylene oxide treated cotton swab, Bode SecurSwab 2 Collectors can be used to collect reference samples and crime scene evidence.

Bode SecurSwab 2 Collection Kit

Offering efficiency at both the crime scene and in the laboratory, the SecurSwab 2 Collection Kit contains everything needed to collect, package, and document an evidentiary sample.

With documentation on the outside of the envelope, an evidence department and laboratory can quickly triage incoming samples reducing the time between collection and analysis.

Bode BioSafe Swab

Bode’s BioSafe Swab is pretreated with a chemical preservative designed to inactivate the harmful bacteria and enzymes that may be found at crime scenes. Bode BioSafe Swab preserves DNA samples more effectively than a regular cotton swab.

BODE SecureSwab DUO-V

Bode SecurSwab DUO-V

Bode’s SecurSwab DUO-V offer’s superior versatility for sample collection and processing of both crime scene evidence and reference samples. The unique two swab design allows wet/dry sample collection within a single device or simultaneous collection of a sample with two swabs.

Crime Scene Investigators and DNA Analysts have the option of combining both swabs for a maximum DNA yield or splitting the sample in two and testing multiple technologies including Rapid DNA.

Bode SecurSwab IFP

Designed for unsecured locations, the Bode SecurSwab IFP is a field ready, closed barcoded system, designed for a fast, efficient, and effective collection.

Water Vials and Transport Pouches

Bode offers a variety of additional items that aid investigators in the collection and packaging of evidence.

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