Bode’s Forensic Genealogy Team Identifies Serial Rapist As Local Firefighter

FIGG Success Stories

A $1.4 million grant helps Connecticut police and Bode Technology to identify and arrest serial rapist.

Between 2001 and 2008, DNA evidence linked a serial rapist in Manchester and Vernon, Connecticut. Evading identification and arrest, each time new DNA technologies were developed, police would try again but with no success.

In 2015, a grant enabled the police to submit their DNA evidence to Bode Technology which then ran the samples against a public ancestry database to identify familial matches in order to develop a family tree. When Angelo Alleano, Jr, was arrested on a domestic violence charge, police already had a warrant for his DNA thanks to this new forensic investigative evidence.

The police are continuing to perform testing against unsolved sexual assault cases in hopes of bringing resolutions to victims and offenders to justice