Bode Offers End-to-End Advanced Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy Service with Fully In-House DNA Sequencing, Analysis and Support

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LORTON, VA., Feb. 20, 2024

Bode Technology, a worldwide leader in precision forensic DNA technologies, is advancing the field of Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) with a suite of end-to-end, validated genome sequencing options that enable access to our fully accredited, in-house forensic DNA capabilities.

Using the most sophisticated technologies available, Bode is at the forefront of forensic genealogy, supporting law enforcement and innocence projects worldwide in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, and supported by our team of well-rounded, highly experienced professional forensic genetic genealogists. With extensive experience in processing and analyzing complex and severely degraded samples, Bode excels in making communities safer, whether through the elimination of sexual assault backlogs, providing rapid DNA services when time is of the essence, or applying the latest DNA technology such as FIGG to assist in the resolution of challenging cases.

Bode’s success is driven by a commitment to advancing the reliability of all forensic DNA methods, including forensic investigative genetic genealogy. The latest addition to our already superior menu of DNA equipment and technologies is the AVITI™ system by Element Biosciences, a short-read, mid-throughput sequencer. With this sequencing technology, Bode is capable of achieving an unprecedented >90% Q30 data quality on 2 X 150 base pair runs. This system, in combination with Bode’s forensic genealogy services, enables improved quality investigative leads and faster identity resolution for unsolved and challenging cases.

By applying the latest innovations at every step, from initial DNA testing strategies to final interpretation, Bode scientists effectively obtain probative DNA results from the most challenging samples. Genome sequencing with the AVITI adds to Bode’s already extensive suite of testing options, including STRs, mini-STRs, Y-STRs, mitochondrial DNA, INNULs, rapid DNA, and the Verogen ForenSeq® Kintelligence SNP solution.


“This is an exciting time at Bode. Our 25+ year commitment to sound, responsible, and ethical forensic science in the pursuit of justice is now further leveraged by the addition of a whole genome workflow driven by the AVITI. We look forward to continuing our support of forensic DNA identification and analysis for law enforcement agencies, federal and state governments, crime laboratories, and humanitarian organizations around the world.”

Michael Cariola, President and CEO of Bode Technology

About Bode Technology

Based in Lorton, Virginia, Bode Technology operates one of the most internationally respected private forensic DNA laboratories and provides a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art forensic DNA collection products, DNA analysis services, and research services to law enforcement, the justice system, and other government agencies around the world. Bode Technology’s forensic DNA experts have assisted in identifying criminals in every state in the U.S., as well as victims of war, terrorism, crime, and natural disasters, including the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, and the remains of U.S. soldiers dating back to World War II.

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