Arrest Made In 20 Year-Old Cold Case Homicide

FIGG Success Stories

Bode Technology’s FIGG expertise helps Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Unit to identify a murder suspect in 20-year-old cold case.

Christopher Lovrien, arrested in 2020 for the 1999 murder of Mark J. Dribin, was identified thanks to a match of DNA evidence and the technical capabilities of Bode Technology’s FIGG team of genealogists.

Though Dribin had been killed in Portland, Oregon over two decades ago, DNA evidence at the time did not return any CODIS hits, and despite a lengthy investigation, the case went cold.

However, when the Portland Police Bureau’s Cold Case Unit reopened the case in 2019, they submitted the DNA evidence to Bode Technology. With newly identified leads, the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division continued with their own DNA analysis which ultimately led to the arrest of Christopher Lovrien. The trial against Lorvien is ongoing.