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Mike Cariola


Mike Cariola is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of industry and executive experience. As CEO of Bode Technology, he has directly contributed to Bode’s industry reputation and extensive growth, leading federal business development, R&D, and product development for the company, while ensuring quality and reliability for clients worldwide. Under Cariola’s leadership, Bode Technology has become a world leader in forensic science services.

Cariola holds a master’s degree in Forensic Science from the George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cornell University. He has served on numerous advisory boards for university forensic science programs and is a current board member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.

Erin Sweeney

Vice President, Forensic Operations

Vice President of Forensic Operations, Erin Sweeney, directs Bode’s full laboratory operations including casework, databasing, applied research and core facility teams, ensuring operational compliance with all accreditation standards. She has played an integral role in the successful implementation of new technologies, process improvements, robotic methodologies, and software solutions, all of which have resulted in better data quality and greater laboratory efficiency.

Sweeney holds a master of science degree in Biotechnology and certificate in National Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University as well as a bachelor of science in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Connecticut. She is a member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the International Society for Forensic Genetics.

Manzar Ahmed

Vice President, Business Operations

As Vice President of Business Operations, Manzar Ahmed leads Bode’s international services and global DNA product sales. He brings 23+ years of DNA experience to the company and has made significant contributions towards the establishment of Bode’s market share including strategic partnership development, ensuring compliance with all international standards, market evaluations and customer relations development.

Ahmed has a master of science degree in Biochemistry and a bachelor of science in Biology, both from George Washington University. Prior to his role as Vice President, Business Operations he serviced as Bode’s Director of DNA Databasing.

Kristin Sasinouski

Director, Technical Operations (DNA Technical Leader)

Kristin Sasinouski has over 19 years of experience in forensic biology, STR, Y-STR and mitochondrial DNA analysis in both the public and private sector. As a DNA technical leader, she has participated in the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM), the National Institute of Justice Best Practices for DNA Laboratory Efficiency Improvements Working Group and the 2021 DNAmix Working Group (Noblis).

Sasinouski holds a master of science degree in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven and a bachelor of science in Biology from the University of Connecticut. She is a member of the International Society for Forensic Genetics and the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. She is also a qualified auditor, holding both QAS and ANAB ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certifications.

Robert Bever, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Robert Bever, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Bode Technology, has over 31 years of research and operational casework experience, including acting as the program director for federally funded research grants and contracts. His expertise includes a variety of genetic technologies that analyze biological fluids, hair, and touch evidence. He also has 30+ years of experience analyzing kinship casework to establish parentage, sib-ship, and avuncular relationships. He focuses on method development for highly degraded samples, collection and extraction of DNA from touched objects, and complex mixture resolutions. His current research focuses on evaluation of genomic techniques to generate accurate genotype files in support of forensic investigative genetic genealogy applications.

Dr. Bever has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Maryland and performed post-doctoral research on infectious diseases at the Oregon Health Science University and the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine. Dr. Bever has provided technical reviews of over 40,000 cases and testified in over 150 trials.

Irene Qi

Irene Qi

Director, Finance

Irene Qi has over 16 years of senior executive experience overseeing financial activities and organizational strategies. She maintains responsibility for Bode’s financial health and stability including planning, budgeting, and forecasting, monitoring financial performance, analyzing financial data to provide insights and recommendations to support decision-making, and developing and implementing financial strategies to achieve the company’s goals. Irene also ensures departmental cross-collaboration to align overall business objectives and financial objectives while ensuring compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements. She also manages external stakeholder relationships with investors, auditors, and financial institutions.

Irene earned her MBA degree in Finance and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), as well as certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Jon Davoren

Director, Applied Research

Jon Davoren has been involved with research and development of molecular biology methods for over 25 years. As the Director of Applied Research, he focuses on advancing methodology for DNA extraction, genotyping and interpretation as well as validation and optimization of new technologies. He is the principal investigator for multiple National Institutes of Justice (NIJ) grants and has authored numerous peer reviewed journal articles.

Davoren has a master of science degree from the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

Deanna D. Lankford

Director, Forensic Casework

Deanna Lankford manages laboratory operations including high throughput and customized casework covering homicides, sexual assaults, property crimes, criminal kinship, cold cases, post-conviction testing and local databasing. She has over 26 years of experience in forensic DNA testing, having processed and/or reviewed over 10,000 cases during her career. She also has extensive experience with the implementation of advanced DNA technologies and has provided expert testimony in over 60 criminal trials and expert consultation for court martials in both the U.S. and internationally.

Lankford holds a master of science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with an emphasis in Forensic DNA and Serology from the University of Florida and a bachelor of science in Medical Technology from Middle Tennessee State University. She is a member of the American Society of Crime Lab Directors, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and is a volunteer laboratory assessor.

Natalie Morgan

Director, Training

Natalie Morgan oversees a team of analysts and technologists responsible for high volume onsite training for new Bode employees as well as cross training of operational teams. As a qualified analyst she has processed and/or managed the processing of tens of thousands of forensic cases, serving as DNA Analyst, Unit Supervisor and Casework Director, and has had direct impacts on case load and backlog reductions for Bode clients. Morgan is qualified in STR DNA typing and has provided consultation and expert witness testimony across numerous jurisdictions for over 20 years.

Morgan holds a master of forensic science degree in Forensic Molecular biology from George Washington University and a bachelor of science in Biology from Catholic University of America. She is a member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. She is a trained assessor and is qualified to audit to both FBI QAS and ANAB ISO/IEC 17025.

Kristen Naughton

Director, Validation Services

Kristen Naughton is the Validation Director at Bode Technology. She has spent her 20+ year forensic career at Bode, combining her passion for research and forensic science by evaluating, validating, and implementing new technologies for DNA casework processing. Having performed and overseen hundreds of validation projects, including internal validations and managed validation services for Bode customers, Naughton ensures validations are performed in accordance with SWGDAM, FBI Quality Assurance Standards and ISO 17025 standards. She also provides training to end users to ensure their qualification as an independent expert in new technologies.

Naughton has a bachelor of science degree from North Carolina State University.

Dane Plaza

Director, Federal Operations

Dane Plaza serves as Bode’s Director of Federal Operations, responsible for technical oversight and management of numerous federal forensic research and operations programs in support of the U.S. Government. He has over 19 years of experience in plant, bacterial, and human genomic research including field-forward forensics, non-destructive processing techniques, and custom forensic tool and procedure development.

Plaza holds a bachelor of science degree in Biology from Viterbo University. His research has gained international exposure, reaching wide audiences through publications and presentations at international and national forensic conferences.

Teresa Vreeland

Director, Forensic Genealogy Services and Designated Laboratory Official

Teresa Vreeland is the Director of Forensic Genealogy Services and is Bode’s Designated Laboratory Official. She has worked across many groups including DNA Databasing, Forensic Biology, Software Development, Technical Services and has acted as a casework supervisor, playing an integral role in forming Bode’s Forensic Genealogy Services team.

Vreeland has a bachelor of science in Genetic Engineering with a concentration in Forensic Science from Cedar Crest College. She maintains proficiency as a Senior Forensic Biology and DNA Analyst.

Tabitha Bandy

Director of Sales, North America

Tabitha Bandy’s forensics career has spanned police departments, crime laboratories and the Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility Program where she provided intelligence to US and NATO Coalition Forces and worked with the US and Afghanistan government to educate scientists from the Afghan Ministry of Interior in the field of Forensic Biology. In her roles she has also acted as a forensic biology supervisor, DNA technical leader and CODIS Administrator. A well regarded forensics expert, Tabitha has provided expert testimony in numerous trials, served as an International Technical Assessor through ASCLD and ANAB, and was a member of the NDIS audit review panel. She also routinely participated in the FBI sponsored OVP and on the subcommittee for Standard 175. Tabitha is currently an observing member of the DNA Consensus Body.

Tabitha received a master of science in Pharmacy and a certificate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Florida, and a bachelor of science from Western Kentucky in the field of Recombinant Genetics with a minor study in Chemistry.

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