Company Overview

For over 25 years, Bode Technology has been leading the forensic industry in innovation and timely resolution within the criminal justice system. Bode offers state-of-the-art forensic DNA technology along with an array of industry leading DNA collection products that serve law enforcement and identification communities worldwide. 

In addition, leveraging the strength of both our research and development and validation scientists, Bode also provides forensic consulting, training, and laboratory validations, including ISO-certified proficiency testing.  

This comprehensive solutions menu, combined with our recognized commitment to quality, responsiveness, and transparency, has made Bode the industry leader in the private forensic DNA community.

World-renowned DNA Experts, Patented DNA Solutions, Innovative Collection products

Bode supports DNA evidence collection and processing. Our solutions span the entire range of forensic DNA analysis, including forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG), high volume criminal casework and offender databasing, niche forensic services, complex kinship and paternity matters, and proprietary evidence collection devices.

Tens of thousands of cases processed annually

Comprehensive forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG)

Validated forensic DNA typing
Automation, STRs, mini-STRs, Y-STRs and improved extraction procedures

Qualified DNA analysts dedicated to screening evidence and processing screened evidence in support of solving crimes

Fully-integrated LIMS system ensures sample tracking, integrity and chain of custody

Exceeding quality assurance standards for forensic DNA testing laboratories and convicted offender DNA databasing laboratories

Innovative and comprehensive DNA collection systems for reference samples and forensic evidence

Quality service and support

Mission and Values

At Bode, our mission is to make a positive contribution to society by using science responsibly and ethically to help create a safer and more secure world. We also strive to advance the cause of justice through the use of technologically advanced products and services.

As a market leader, our goal is to become a trusted and respected resource in providing sophisticated DNA identification to law enforcement agencies, federal and state governments, crime laboratories and disaster management organizations around the world. Innovation and the advancement of science in the field of forensic DNA identification is at the heart of everything that we do, and we strive to continue to be a leader in conducting research and development in the areas of molecular biology and related advanced technologies.

Serving Those Who Serve

Bode is one of the most respected private DNA laboratories in the world. We are honored to assist with missing persons and human remains identification, criminal identifications and forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG) for both active and cold cases as well as backlog reductions.

Our forensic DNA experts have supported DNA analysis and identifications following the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, conflicts in Cyprus, and for remains of U.S. soldiers dating back to WWII. Bode also played an integral role in the identification of missing persons across the United States.

Tens of thousands cases processed yearly

Hundreds of thousands of completed forensic cases

Millions of DNA profiles processed for state and federal agencies

The Bode Difference

A Culture of Excellence

Bode embraces a culture and philosophy that enables successful, quality forensic examination of evidence spanning from initiation of chain of custody to production of final reports and identifications. Bode’s reputation in the forensic science community is unsurpassed.

Accredited Laboratories

Bode’s DNA collection products and collection kits are produced in our ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility. Through the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Bode demonstrates its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Experience the Bode Difference

Whether outsourcing entire database programs, or overflow, surge and backlog efforts, or a single forensic case, Bode always ensures the same personalized attention to detail regardless of project size.

Experience the Bode difference.

As a known innovator and leader in the forensic community, Bode can confidently provide sophisticated DNA solutions to solve your most complex problems.