1956 Murders, The Oldest Cold Case To Benefit From Figg, Solved

FIGG Success Stories

DNA from a 1956 cold case has been matched to a suspect thanks to Bode Technology’s FIGG.

Lloyd Duane Bogle and Patricia Kalitzke were last seen at Pete’s Drive-In on Jan. 2, 1956 in Great Falls, Montana. The next day their bodies were found miles apart, both shot in the head. Though numerous suspects had been identified, Cascade County Sheriff’s Office had never found definitive evidence needed to make an arrest. The CCSO, however, continued to work the case, removing bullets from a cottonwood tree at the scene where Bogle’s body was found in 1989, and testing sperm cells recovered and saved from Kalitzke’s autopsy in 2001. However, no CODIS hits were returned from either piece of evidence.

In 2019, Bode Technology partnered with the CCSO and using FIGG were able to obtain a new DNA sample from the evidence which was uploaded to genealogical databases and kinship research conducted. The DNA matched a Kenneth Gould who died in 2007. Gould had lived in the area at the time the murders occurred and moved from the area and eventually the state shortly thereafter. Though definitive guilt will never be proven, CCSO considers the case solved.